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» Hustler of Prose from hello, typepad
Souris is a fantastic connector. For the last year or so Souris has been interviewing her friends. It's a great project, and whenever I meet a new person through Souris I can often refer back to their interview on Hustler [Read More]

» Hustler of Prose from pinkrabbitsays
Hustler of Culture has done an interview with my friend Adriana Tatum, and it makes her look like a celebrity. A very smart celebrity, that is. Everyone should be interviewed more often. [Read More]

» Friend Interview from iPalimpsest
I just saw on my friend Ari's site an interview with Adriana Tatum (another friend). Here's my favorite quote: Several years ago, in Israel, I got into an argument with a classmate who questioned the validity of literary study. She... [Read More]



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