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» Cranky feet from crankyuser
I dislike shopping for clothing. True to minimalist form, every purchase is a necessary one, and I even try to make sure everything works with everything else. Shoes are the worst, since I wear those every day. Worn down to... [Read More]

» later. from hustler of culture: me, we.
i'm a little late for spring cleaning. but that's exactly what i'm doing at the moment. i'm having a fit. it's hard work. i'm tired of moving things around but i'm more tired of the eyesore. i can't relax in [Read More]

» laughing is free. from hustler of culture: me, we.
i got this email before i left for holiday: You are on the A-List for a complimentary copy of Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Second Season Now Available on DVD. Please reply to this email with your name and mailing [Read More]



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