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I am a children's book author, enabler, art enthusiast, curator of consumption, and mom.

I have been an environmental health and safety consultant, a whale watch tour guide, a real estate agent, employed by Slayer, operations manager for Tokion Magazine, a lifestyle journalist, co-founder of an indie game studio, and vice president of interactive media at a strategic entertainment consultancy.

I have appeared in the media including GQ, Time Magazine, cNet, New York Daily News, Wired News, G4TV, and

I have written for Tokion Magazine, Honest Magazine, Theme Magazine, RES Magazine, Daily Candy, and other old and new media publications.

I am a member of Faith Popcorn's TalentBank, the Hollywood Hill, and the International Game Developers Association (IGDA).

I was born in the Chinese lunar year of the rat and my parents named me "mouse" (souris) in French.

I am the middle child of five.

I have jumped out of an airplane… twice.

I have tasted local fare in Asia (Cambodia, China, Japan, and Viet Nam), Europe (Belgium, England, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden, and Switzerland) and North America (Mexico, Canada and the United States of America).

My last meal would be fried chicken, Maryland blue crabs steamed in Old Bay seasoning, strawberry shortcake, and a cold glass of Coca Cola.

I was a junior high, high school, and college cheerleader. I was also a high school and college coxswain. I love to simultaneously champion and yell at people.

I have raced a car from Venice Beach to Coney Island and won.

I can beat you in Soul Calibur.

I can remember names but don’t mind if you forget mine.

I want to hear your story.

I am interested in making ideas happen and working with a wide variety of fine minds.

Please don't co-opt culture, contribute!

I heart the "street". You've been very kind to me.
Me, we. -- Muhammad Ali